Unobtrusive, Integrated Power for the Uninhibited Adventurer

Worry-free Power Supply and Management

Want to save money on fuel? Want electric power without the noise and toxic fumes of a conventional generator? WATT’s portable hybrid fuel cell system provides the electricity you need to charge your battery banks quietly, cleanly and efficiently. Never worry about the charge level of your batteries again. WATT prolongs battery life and keeps you topped off with automatic and intelligent charge management.

Noticeably Unnoticeable Operation

WATT is Working All the Time and its operation won’t cause interruptions or distractions so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. WATT is the ideal portable hybrid power solution for long trips on the open road. Silence the deafening din of generators and keep all of your electrical devices and appliances charged and running. No more worries if a camp site has power, no more need to transport heavy gas generators, and no more worries over noise and emissions regulations. And with a fraction of the footprint of larger gas-powered generators, WATT is portable, light-weight, and easy to use—weighing under 30 lbs.