Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA –March 5, 2018 – Erwin Hymer Group North America, Inc. has signed an exclusive supply and engineering cooperative agreement with WATT Fuel Cell Corporation located in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, to introduce the WATT Fuel Cell technology into the RV market.

The exclusive agreement between the two parties will introduce the WATT Fuel Cell into the proprietary EcoTrek® technology currently used by Erwin Hymer Group North America, Inc. The combination of the WATT Fuel Cell and the established EcoTrek® technology will enable consumers to travel and achieve a mobile leisure lifestyle, living off the grid while having virtually silent, on demand power and achieving almost zero emissions. 

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“This is a really exciting and important partnership as the two technologies combined allowed owners to live off the grid, anywhere, anytime, and always have power and charging capability using the incredible WATT ImperiumTM Fuel Cell as long as they can fill their propane tank.” Said Jim Hammill, President and CEO of Erwin Hymer Group North America, Inc. “They will do so, knowing that they are producing little to no emissions. We have always been dedicated to being as green as possible both in our manufacturing processes and our technologies, so this is a perfect fit.” Adds Hammill.

“We are pleased to be working with Erwin Hymer Group North America, Inc, a forward-thinking innovative consumer products company, and are excited to be launching our products as part of their platform.  Our combined engineering and business resources will be pooled to achieve a real market impact for the hybrid clean technology solution we have been developing for many years here at WATT.”  said Caine Finnerty, President and CEO of WATT Fuel Cell.

The integration of the WATT ImperiumTM Fuel Cell allows the use of propane to create clean electricity and heat, and allows Erwin Hymer Group North America, Inc. to affordably put in place a method of creating clean electricity.  

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About ERWIN HYMER GROUP NORTH AMERICA, INC. is the leading manufacturer of class B motorhomes in North America, selling its motorhomes through a network of independent RV dealers in the USA, Canada and Japan. They are also part of ERWIN HYMER GROUP in Germany. ERWIN HYMER GROUP is Europe’s largest manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans with a turnover of more than 2.1 billion Euros. The group sells more than 55.000 vehicles annually and employs a staff of some 6,500 in its associated

About WATT Fuel Cell Corporation

WATT Fuel Cell Corporation ( is a manufacturer and developer of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (“SOFC”) stacks and systems that operate on common, readily available fuels such as propane and natural gas. WATT’s proprietary, patented additive manufacturing process (AMP) has allowed them to produce commercially viable SOFC products for small scale and remote power applications. WATT’s Hybrid Power Management system works in tandem with renewable power sources (Solar & Wind) and energy storage to provide quiet, efficient, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy solutions prioritizing a return on investment for customers across the globe.