Title: Quality Control, Process and Production Documentation and Specification, Engineer

Status: Professional Exempt


Rapidly becomes familiar with our current operations and equipment.  Provides effective supervision of equipment and QC operations.  Has had experience with a quality program like six sigma or ISO and experience with lean manufacturing processes. Can write detailed operating procedures for equipment and manufacturing processes. Able to develop and execute plans to increase efficiency and reduce cost.  Has had experience with industrial operations involving chemicals and preferably ceramic materials and ceramic processes.  Experience with solid oxide fuel cells is preferred.  Implements quality programs that will establish and measure standards to monitor the quality of operations and the final product.  Must be a goal orientated professional.


  • Responsible for managing and monitoring processes and operations
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring quality of products.
  • Responsible for analytical functions within the team
  • Responsible for writing procedures for new processes and operations
  • Responsible for updating existing procedures for processes and operations.
  • Responsible for reporting weekly achievements and challenges to supervisors.
  • Responsible for suggesting new ideas encompassing the quality for all new processes and products
  • Develop time and efficiency reports for new and existing processes
  • Develop appropriate specifications and technical documentation
  • Responsible for achieving all job related tasks in a timely manner
  • Participates in business development activities
  • Participates in project development activities.
  • Assists in strategic sales efforts and budgeting from an operations perspective.


  • B.S. or M.S. in related field and a minimum experience with quality programs like Six Sigma and ISO related to industrial operations is preferred.
  • Experience with technical ceramics, analytical chemistry and process control recommended.

Email careers@wattfuelcell.com or contact 724-547-9170 to apply for this position.