Unlimited Possibilities. One Power Source.

WATT’s Imperium is a modular and scalable compact hybrid power solution that cleanly, quietly and efficiently operates on readily available and accessible fuels. See what makes WATT so unique and how our hybrid power management system provides reliable power when and where you need it.

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Reliable Power for Smooth Sailing.

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or planning a long voyage, you can be sure that the ImperiumTM is always operating to serve you power on demand. The ImperiumTM operates as a standalone or integrated system, dynamically supplying and managing power on demand throughout your boat.

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RV: Hit the Open Road with Confidence.

Portable, efficient, quiet, and easy to install — WATT's ImperiumTM provides peace of mind for the open road. Your RV’s power demands can be high, but WATT's ImperiumTM fuel cell system is powerful enough to run all of your electronics, mile after mile and trip after trip. Open new roads and explore the world with WATT.

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Readily-Available Dependable Power.

WATT’s Nemesis Hybrid Power System automatically and efficiently provides clean power on demand from easily accessible fuel sources, Working All The Time for your remote power needs. Find out how WATT’s Nemesis provides uninterrupted power even in the most remote locations.

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News & Events

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Fuel Cells and Schools – Working Together in Our Communities

Schools are the backbone of our neighborhoods. They foster growth and prosperity for our youngest citizens, and are seen as staples within our communities. In addition to educating our children, the physical buildings are often used to service large crowds, for activities such as craft shows, fundraisers, guest speakers, and voting booths. And they act… Read more »

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Watt Announces First Recreational Vehicle Test For ImperiumTM Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System

Mount Pleasant, PA, November 30, 2017 — WATT Fuel Cell Corporation (“WATT” or “Company”) is pleased to announce they are working with the innovation team from Erwin Hymer Group North America (“EHGNA”) to test the Imperium™ Hybrid Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (“SOFC”) power management system on board a recreational vehicle. The first Imperium™ system was… Read More

WATT Expands Leadership Team with Two Fuel Cell Business Development Veterans

Mount Pleasant, PA, October 18, 2017 — WATT Fuel Cell Corporation (“WATT” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce two senior additions to its business development team. Rich Romer joins the Company as its Vice President of Business Development and Bob Berger as Director of Sales. These hires dramatically increase the sales and business development… Read more »

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