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WATT Reveals New Portable Hybrid Power Manager

WATT Fuel Cell Corporation is proud to unveil the beta version of its first commercial hybrid portable fuel cell. The hybrid power manager can operate as a standalone fuel cell power generator or in a highly efficient, integrated mode by using both readily-available hydrocarbon fuel and renewable energy inputs to maximize overall efficiency and output. The system’s compact footprint, transportable weight (less than 30 pounds) and quiet operation make it an ideal portable power solution for marine, RV and remote power applications. Read More


WATT Fuel Cell Corporation Powers "The Impossible Dream"

WATT’s hybrid power system was temporarily installed on the Impossible Dream, a universally accessible 60-foot sailing catamaran at the NMEA 2015 Conference and Expo from September 29 through October 1, 2015. WATT’s system successfully powered the Impossible Dream’s on-board electronics and charged the battery bank. Read More


Strictly Sail Miami

Stop by booth #1310 to meet the WATT team and see a live demo of our revolutionary fuel cell system Read More

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